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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
you have your gratitude far more at heart, than what I am thinking of for you, I mean your stay at Florence. I have spoken very warmly to Lord Lincoln about you, who, I am sure, will serve you to his power. Indeed, as all changes are at a stop, I am convinced there will be no thought of removing you. However, till I see the situation of next winter, I cannot be easy on your account.
I have made a few purchases at Lord Oxford's sale j a small Vandyke4, in imitation of Teniers; an old picture of the Duchess of Suffolk, mother of Lady Jane Grey, and her young husband 6; a sweet bronze vase by Fiamingo, and two or three other trifles. The things sold dear; the antiquities and pictures for about five thousand pounds, which yet, no doubt, cost him much more, for he gave the most extravagant prices. His coins and medals are now selling, and go still dearer. Good night! How I wish for every letter, to hear how you mend !
69.    To HORACE MANN.
March 24, 1742.
I PBOMISED you in my last letter to send you the event of yesterday. It was not such as you would wish, for on the division, at nine o'clock at night, we lost it by two hundred forty-two against two hundred forty-five. We had three people shut out, so that a majority of three is so small that it is scarce doubted, but that, on Friday, when we ballot for the twenty-one to form the Committee, we shall carry a list composed of our people, so that then it will be
* 'Soldiers at cards, a curious picture, being painted in the manner of Teniers, by Vandyck; from Lord Oxford's collection.' (Description of Strawberry Hill.)
5 'A fine and very valuable picture by Lucas de Heere, representing
Frances, Duchess of Suffolk, mother of the Lady Jane Grey, and Adrian Stoke, her second husband. This picture was in the collection of the Earl of Oxford, and was engraved by Vertue.' (Description of Straw* berry Hill.)           ...                 .....